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Since 1999, Nobody Moves Your Documents Faster Than Legal Eagle.



Legal Eagle Notary Services

What is a Mobile Notary?

Simply put, a mobile notary is a notary public who travels to meet clients in-person, rather than requiring clients to come to a fixed location or office.

Notary Services Fee Schedule


Mobile Notary

Dallas, Ft Worth Metroplex Only

  • $6 Per Notarized Signature

  • $6 Additional Document Notarized

  • $45 Travel Fee



Online Notary


*Starting price. Standard notary services in the DFW metroplex. Additional fees apply for specialized notarization services:

  • $10 - Identification Verification (If additional identification verification is required.)

  • $30 - Power of Attorney

  • $40 - Deed Notarization

  • $50 - Trusts and Wills

Travel Distance Fees

  • Within 20 Miles - No Additional Charge

  • $15 - 21 to 30 Miles

  • $30 - 31 to 50 Miles

  • Custom Quote - Over 51 Miles (For notarization's requiring significant travel)


Bulk Discounts

  • 5-10 Notarization's in One Visit: 10% discount on total fees

  • 10 or More Notarization's in One Visit: 15% discount on total fees

What We Do...

At Legal Eagle, our mobile notary service makes it convenient for clients who might be unable to travel, are located far from a notary office, or need notarial services outside of regular office hours.

Our mobile notaries are often used for legal documents, real estate transactions, hospital and nursing home signings, and other situations where it's crucial to ensure a person is willingly and knowingly signing a document. They are equipped with all the necessary official notary tools and often provide services wherever they are needed, be it a client’s home, workplace, coffee shop, or any other agreed-upon location.

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