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Since 1999, Nobody Moves Your Documents Faster Than Legal Eagle.



Legal Eagle Document Search & Retrieval Service

What is Document Search & Retrieval Service?

Document retrieval service or court runners, refers to a specialized service that locates, obtains, and delivers specific documents or records upon request. These documents could be from courts, government agencies, libraries, corporate entities, or any other sources where records are kept.

The types of documents that might be sought include case files, judgments, decrees, orders, transcripts, motions, evidence submissions, or any other documents that have been filed with or produced by the court.

The service is particularly valuable to professionals, such as lawyers or researchers, who require accurate and timely access to specific documents but might not have the time, resources, or expertise to locate and retrieve them themselves. This service often encompasses both physical retrieval of hard copy documents and electronic retrieval of digital records.

Document Search & Retrieval Fee Schedule


Rush Service*

Dallas, Ft Worth Metroplex Only

  • Same as Scheduled Service

  • Turnaround Time 4 Hours or Less

  • If Unsuccessful - Scheduled Service Fee Applies



Scheduled Service*

Dallas, Ft Worth Metroplex Only

  • Flat Fee - No Pass Through Fees

  • Turnaround Time 3-5 Business Days

  • Email Status Notifications

  • PDF Conversion

  • Email or Direct Delivery



Houston Service


  • Service to Houston & Travis County

  • Want to be Notified? Join Below

Legal Eagle can promptly and anonymously retrieve key documents that are not available online from anywhere in the Dallas - Ft Worth Metroplex.

*Both Scheduled and Rush Services are subject to:

  • Court records and document availability - typically courts provide records going back as far as 7-10 years. Older records that are archived will take additional time. Records availability are subject to retention records policies as governed by courts and corporate institutions.

  • If records are not identified a fee reduction of 30% will be applied. You will only pay for the researchers time.

  • All searches are done confidentially. We do not contact or notify any subject(s) being searched.

  • We are not a consumer reporting agency as defined by Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). 

What We Do...

Legal Eagle's experienced team of researchers specializes in locating, obtaining, and delivering specific documents or records from various sources on behalf of our clients. s

Legal Eagle can streamline and simplify the process of obtaining necessary documents, allowing professionals and businesses to focus on their primary tasks without getting bogged down by the intricacies of document search and acquisition.

Our process involves:

  • Identification: Determining the location of the required documents, be it in a government office, court, corporate archive, or other repositories.

  • Retrieval: Physically or electronically accessing the document once its location is identified.

  • Verification: Ensuring the retrieved document is accurate and meets client specifications.

  • Delivery: Delivery documents to the clients, either electronically or physically if it's a hard copy.

  • Nationwide Reach: Leveraging networks or partnerships to get documents locally and nationally.

  • Compliance: Adhering to all relevant legal protocols during the retrieval process.

  • Storage & Archiving: Offering solutions for clients to securely store documents for potential future use.

  • Digitization: Converting hard copies into electronic formats for easy storage and access .

  • Efficiency and Speed: Using specialized systems and expertise to ensure a swift and efficient document retrieval process.

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