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Since 1999, Nobody Moves Your Documents Faster Than Legal Eagle.



Legal Eagle Document Filing Services

What is eFiling?

eFiling, or electronic filing, refers to the submission of documents to a court or related legal entity electronically, rather than through physical means such as paper copies. This system is used by many courts, agencies, and legal entities to streamline the filing process, reduce paper usage, and enhance the efficiency and accessibility of legal document management. eFiling systems typically allow attorneys, paralegals, and individuals to submit, track, and manage their court documents online.

eFiling Service Fee Schedule


Physical Filing

    Dallas, Ft Worth Metroplex Only

  • Flat Fee

  • Emailed Documents

  • Original Documents

  • Email Status Notifications

  • PDF Conversion

  • No Charge for Court Rejections




  • Nationwide

  • Flat Fee

  • Email Your Documents to Us

  • We eFile & Provide Acceptance

  • Email Status Notifications

  • PDF Conversion

  • No Charge for Court Rejections



  • If your court allows e-filing, but you do not have time to e-file. We can file the documents for you

  • If using us for Service of Process, the fee for eFiling is $3.

  • Price includes any additional court fees and the e-filing service provider fees.

**Physical Filing

  • Starting price

  • $75 - Standard Fee (within 72 hours)

  • $100 - Priority Fee (within 24 hours)

  • $125 - Same Day Service

What We Do...

Legal Eagle's experienced team offers eFiling services that facilitates the electronic submission of legal documents to courts and other legal entities. Our goal is to streamline and simplify the legal document submission process, making it more efficient, organized, and user-friendly for legal professionals and other stakeholders.

Allow Legal Eagle to handle all your eFile needs and let us handle the following:

  • Electronic Submission: Provides a platform for uploading and submitting legal documents electronically to courts or other legal entities.

  • Document Conversion: Converts physical documents into the required electronic format for court submission.

  • Compliance Checks: Reviews documents for adherence to court formatting and submission guidelines.

  • Tracking and Management: Enables users to monitor the status of their submissions, manage document versions, and receive filing notifications.

  • Integration with Court Systems: Ensures direct and seamless connection with the court's case management system for efficient document transmission.

  • Payment Processing: Handles the transaction of court fees associated with document filing.

  • Document Storage and Retrieval: Offers secure storage solutions for archiving and accessing previously filed documents.

  • Notifications: Provides automatic updates on filing statuses, including acceptances, rejections, and other relevant case updates.

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